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Due to the very high level of training, the three years of studies are clearly made of efforts and work. However the teaching requirements are also punctuated by moments of relaxation and festivities like the annual awarding joint degrees, Arts and Craft days, workshop open days, demonstrations at the Place Stanislas Tourist Office, the booth at Antiques Fair, study tours in France or abroad. Discover some of those relaxing moments in the photo gallery.Remise du Diplôme à 2 élèves de 3e année

Each year, during a friendly party which includes students, parents and friends, former students and officials of the Association, students who completed the third year receive a diploma recognized by the profession. The best of them receive a mention (good or very good) that values ??even more their high education level.

Introduction to Regional and National Awards for Arts and Crafts

Félicitations du Préfet

By decision of the Master Trainer, the best third year trainees are introduced to Regional Award for Arts and Crafts organized by the INMA (National Institute for Arts and Crafts). The winners of this award can then participate in the national competition.

"Les Compagnons des Walser" are proud to report that many students have received this award, a true recognition of their expertise and competence. The letter reproduced here, congratulates the trainer for one of our former students having obtained the first price, special feature of this letter signed by Claude Erignac, regional Prefect at this time and assassinated in Corsica thereafter

Participation to local life

Flyer Ecole de Nancy 1999

"Les Compagnons des Walser" is an active member of the Tourist Office and, as such, takes part every year in public demonstrations in the Place Stanislas premises, in the Antiques Fair and in various other occasions.

One such important occasion was the celebration of the “Ecole de Nancy Centenary” in 1999 which led to many events and where the school was carried for 3 weeks at the center of Nancy in a "living workshop" located in the heart of the largest mall in the city, trainees working directly under the eyes of visitors. A great moment of contact with the Nancy population whom the press echoed repeatedly.

Arts and Crafts days

Véronique JMA 2011 faïences

The Arts and Crafts Days take place each year throughout France. In Nancy, different places welcome the public to help them discover the value of such unusual activities, particularly through live manufacturing demonstrations.

"Les Compagnons des Walser" are obviously among the first to benefit from these exceptional days to bond with the public, to emphasize its work and invite other artists to exhibit on its premises. Restoration of earthenware and porcelain, embroidery art, jewelry, carpet restoration, hats creation, weaving and many other specialties have been recently proposed to visitors.

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Visiteurs / Visitors

Remerciements / Thanks

Les Compagnons des Walser remercient leurs partenaires, Ciel des Jeunes, Fondation Baudoux et Fondation Legallais, pour leur support dans le financement des formations et la Ville de Nancy pour son soutien dans les stages à Kanazawa.

Les Compagnons des Walser

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