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Détail de Marqueterie

"Les Compagnons des Walser" School-Enterprise is a private, artistic and technical training centre. It is a 1901 French Act association whose mission is the training of highly skilled Art Cabinetmaker, Designer and Restorer of the Heritage Furniture.

The designation of School-Enterprise is not just a coincidence because we believe essential to integrate the techniques of your future job but also to think that one should exercise as part of a company either as self-employed or as employee. That's why we provide an education also covering the concepts of production time, cost efficiency and management.

More than 80 cabinetmakers have been trained by the School-Enterprise since its creation. The vast majority has easily integrated the working world: some have established themselves as a craftsman, others have joined either the Heritage restorers companies or teams of European museums, there are also in their ranks antique dealers anxious to offer their customers furniture restored in the state-of-the-art manner, the "ultimate" in this area.


The training is open to various types of audiences.

  • After a successful internship assessment, bachelors showing an artistic sensibility are admitted for a three years training.
  • Students and apprentices at the end of the carpenter or cabinetmaker public training cycle are admitted for an 18 month cycle of upgrading and improvement.
  • Courses of shorter duration are also organized according to the demands of professionals seeking to acquire complementary knowledge.
  • Professional retraining of employees is also provided thanks to the CIF & FAF financing

Registration file, Membership, Evaluation

The application file is very simple to build. It consists of the following:

  • Fact Sheet with a recent photo
  • Training Contract signed
  • Internal Rules signed for agreement
  • Copy of the social protection certificate(as claimant or as direct insured)

"Les Compagnons des Walser" is a 1901 French Act association. As such, students must legally join the association against an annual fee of € 25 payable at registration.

The pre-assessment 5 days period is compulsory. It allows both of us to define if the path you have chosen is correct. The initial fixed cost of this period, including material used, is covered by a registration fee of € 155 (in addition to the association fee) to be paid at the beginning of each studying year as a contribution to costs. In case of negative result of the pre-assessment period for any reason whatsoever, the first registration and association fees remain due to the association.

A training contract will be signed for each year of study between the parties in order to define and recall mutual rights and duties.
This agreement is a binding contract that fully commits both parties on any given year.

Training site – Access – Transport

The workshop is located in Mazerulles, about 20 km from Nancy. The workshop was completely renovated in 2000. The premises are bright, modern and functional. The school has a main workshop and a secondary workshop, a drawing room, a dust-free room for varnish, an exhibition show-room of antique furniture. A large garden with a terrace allows enjoying the sun on summer days. A kitchen is available for trainees; meals are taken together for more conviviality.

Given the precision of the Art work, the premises are kept in an immaculate condition with the participation of all. Everyone is responsible for his workbench and tools he (she) owns.

A bus (TED R 350) connects Nancy to Mazerulles, schedules are compatible with the daily working hours. Carpooling is sometimes practiced among students according to their respective places of residence.


The trainer and the association are both insured for civil liability during training, the contracts references are mentioned in the training agreement to be signed at registration.

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Remerciements / Thanks

Les Compagnons des Walser remercient leurs partenaires, Ciel des Jeunes, Fondation Baudoux et Fondation Legallais, pour leur support dans le financement des formations et la Ville de Nancy pour son soutien dans les stages à Kanazawa.

Les Compagnons des Walser

Association Loi 1901 - Déclaration n° 010492 publiée au J.O du 10 Février 1993 - Formateur déclaré sous le n° 41.54.01087.54 – Exonéré de TVA - SIRET 392 199 923 00047 - NAF 804 C

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Compagnons des Walser, Ville de Nancy, Philippe Fosseux
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