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Training courses in the World

At the end of their three years training, some students feel the need to supplement their knowledge in a foreign country to acquire a particular technique

Thus in recent years, Estelle is gone to Padua in Italy for an internship in a museum to go deeper in the conservation matters, Anne-Sophie has lived in Liege Belgium working at the Decorative Arts and Archaeology Museum for a period of conservation and Bastien is the fourth graduate student to go to Kanazawa for a Japanese lacquer period.

Kanazawa Lacquer Training

The city of Nancy is twinned with Kanazawa in Japan which is an historic and artistic city preserved from destruction during the last war. Kanazawa is a city of 460,000 people located 287 km from Osaka and 475 km from Tokyo on the western coast, facing the China Sea, in the center of the archipelago.

The modern buildings of the center live harmoniously next to the old traditional houses and historical buildings such as the Samurai houses with mud covered walls.

In addition to its 12 universities, Kanazawa is also equipped with a recognized medical research center and an industrial park under development bringing together computer companies, machinery, textile and handicraft production. It is a touristic city with an historical and cultural interest, where at least one famous festival of traditional performing arts is celebrated each month of the year. Kanazawa tradition doesn’t live without innovation in culture as proves the Contemporary Art Museum of the 21st century.

Kanazawa is famous for its "lacquer art" and we are part of the privileged who can then send their best students in Japan for one year to learn this ancient art. A much appreciated option in France.

Kanazawa is a city where the preservation of Arts and Craft is not an empty word. Among all the treasures Kanazawa conceals, look at those shown below like Japanese lacquer, gold leaf, the finest in the world, Kutani pottery and traditional art of umbrella, all designated "Traditional Art Object" by the Japan state.

The Land of the Rising Sun ...

After its three years training at the Compagnons des Walser school, Bastien Ruhland obtains, thanks to the city of Nancy support, a one-year internship in Japan and flies on September 24th, 2009 to the land of the Rising Sun.

Carte du Japon

Bastien is immediately plunged into the Japanese bath. Two days after his arrival, he is immersed in the lacquer work at the workshop where he works 6 days out of 7. This structure is financially supported by the city of Kanazawa. It allows young Japanese graduates to freely exercise their art and passion, in areas such as lacquer, metal, glass, fabric (manufacture of kimonos) and ceramics.

During the first 6 months the Japanese will help him discover the different stages of lacquer ... then Bastien continues his training at the University of Kanazawa during the following six months, where he can improve his learning. The university offers many opportunities and Bastien chooses to follow flower art (Ikebana), calligraphy and tea ceremony courses.

But let Bastien the last word :

"I wanted to thank both the city of Nancy and the “Compagnons des Walser” for the opportunity thei gave me to learn Japanese lacquer directly in Japan. For a year, it was a very rewarding and full of surprises experience. Thanks to the city of Kanazawa for welcoming me, I was able to discover many things about Japan and crafts".:

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Les Compagnons des Walser remercient leurs partenaires, Ciel des Jeunes, Fondation Baudoux et Fondation Legallais, pour leur support dans le financement des formations et la Ville de Nancy pour son soutien dans les stages à Kanazawa.

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