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1Nancy, 108,172 and 330,000 people with its suburbs, happily married human size and services of a large metropolis thanks to its universities European Pole labeled, its medical training hospital (one of the best in France), and an exceptional density of cultural and sportive facilities...

Geographically, Nancy is located 300 km from Paris, 120 km from Luxembourg, 100 km from Strasbourg. Nancy is also located on the major European routes. The city is the center of major trade flows between the roads and motorways. This makes it a passage and stopping place for many foreigners who come to France (Germans, Belgians, Dutch and English in particular).


The fastest way to come to Nancy from Paris or Strasbourg is to take the TGV. Many TGVs commute daily, Paris is only 1:30. But the road is also very nice and runs through the Champagne vineyards.Place Stan

In Nancy forget the distances ... The Stanislas Place, Worldwide Heritage of Humanity is a 5 minute walk from the railway station and it will rarely takes you more than a quarter of an hour to go where you want. Nancy is a city where you will pass through neighborhoods built from the 16th to the 20th century, with a fabulous 18th century area, Stanislas place, Carriere place and Alliance place being listed as a World Heritage of Humanity since 1983.

Place Stan

To become acquainted with the locals and their lifestyle, stroll to the terraces of the Stanislas Place: they are open most of the year. At Christmas, the Stanislas Place is beautiful and its giant Christmas tree enjoys children and tourists. Another key event is the Old Town, especially when it hosts its Sunday morning" small market". Sneakers for a family jogging in the Pepinière park, bags for shopping around and good mood in shops and cafes around the Saint-Epvre church.

In 2002, Nancy was one of the first cities to get the "Child Friendly City" label. She pledged to strongly support the Convention on the Child Rights. Every year in November, the City of Nancy joins the "European Day of Children's Rights" by offering a series of events. The city of Nancy also offers them an almost inexhaustible list of stimulating activities, sports or discovery.

When a resident among 5 is in training, the qualification of student city makes sense. The universities, schools and research labs are everywhere: at the end of the Old City narrow streets, in the leafy neighborhoods built at the time of the “Nancy School”, on the scientific Brabois Technopole Campus and of course in Mazerulles.

ARTEMNancy has a great diversity of courses (650 in total). To bring the sciences, arts and management all together, Mining School, National Superior School of Art (ENSA) and Nancy Commercial Institute (ICN) combined their training in the ARTEM project, a unique example in France still in construction with a planned opening in 2012.

Movies, shows, exhibitions, concerts, sports, nature, discovery ... the city of Nancy provides entertainment for all. Cultural life is intense: symphonic or chamber music, opera, Lorraine Ballet, theater companies, Fine Arts Museum, “Nancy School” Museum, Lorraine Museum, contemporary art shows, performances in the Manufacture theater and Poirel concert hall, are only a sample of what is offered throughout the year.

The ASNL Nancy football team also takes an important place in the heart of the Nancy citizens. Nancy has also been selected to host a number of matches of Euro 2016 in the completely renovated Marcel Picot Stadium.

ColzaIn Nancy, countryside and mountains are never far away. Trekking in the Lorraine countryside and various castles are just 30 minutes away from you. Skiing and hiking in the Vosges, sailing on the Madine lake (1100 ha) is just 1 hour drive away. And even closer to your door is the regional park with the Haye Forest to relax and return to nature when the urge of outdoor fresh air becomes irresistible.

A comprehensive guide is dedicated to new Nancy incomers. This fifty pages leaflet is extremely useful for those who just moved to Nancy. The guide entitled "Nancy within reach" will give you all keys to the city by responding to the questions you can ask as a new person.

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Les Compagnons des Walser remercient leurs partenaires, Ciel des Jeunes, Fondation Baudoux et Fondation Legallais, pour leur support dans le financement des formations et la Ville de Nancy pour son soutien dans les stages à Kanazawa.

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