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Donators’ information

Due to its commitment to a total transparency, LES COMPAGNONS DES WALSER keep available for donators, foundations, partners or institutions, all financial documents reflecting the association’s life (balance sheet, operating account, annexes, utilization/resources account, etc…)

You can obtain these documents on request with the indication of your complete coordinates (name, address, etc…), your phone number and the mail address to which you want the documents to be sent. We would also be delighted to know the reason for the request and its objective.

We thank you in advance.


By phone | Administration +33 (0) 383 578 631| Workshop +33 (0)383.31.64.01

By mail | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By letter | Les Compagnons des Walser | 41 Rue Charles Martel | F 54000 NANCY (France)


Through the training described in details over the pages of this web site, "Les Compagnons des Walser" have several targets:

  • Preservation of craftsmanship know-how and traditional methods of Art Cabinetmaking and Heritage Furniture Restoration.
  • Research of companions’ excellence to ensure the quality of restorations.
  • Promoting access to employment in Arts and Crafts jobs, this aspect of young people integration in the working organisation being like a fundamental society responsibility.

10 young people are trained each year, but we often see real potential talents giving up this training just because of the lack of possible financing. For them we implement our research of sponsorship which would enable them to acquire this know-how of an exciting artistic job and foothold in working life on a long term basis, opportunities being provided in several areas.

"Les Compagnons des Walser" have signed the Sponsorship Charter shaped by Admical and already approved by numerous sponsors all over the country. We fully support all charter items and in particular its main principles:

  • A commitment where the process of attention and openness to society illuminates and enriches the company identity.
  • A shared vision because the relationship between the sponsor and the beneficiary is a trust and exchange link built on a relationship of equality and leans on a shared vision that gives rise to a common act.
  • A mutual respect where the sponsor is committed to the project, choice and expertise of the recipient and the recipient is committed to respect the company by demonstrating transparency in the use of funds and achievement of the project.

Reminder of Sponsorhip Tax Benefits

The sponsoring Companies receive a significant tax incentive under the Sponsoring Act of August 2003. This law provides the company a tax reduction of 60% of its donationinside 5 ‰of the annual turnover. In the case of exceeding this threshold, it is possible, in some cases, to report this amount over the five years following the payment. Example of this benefit: you participate in our efforts to € 10,000 a year, you can deduct € 6,000 of your corporate taxes, accounting for a real cost of only € 4,000.


By phone | Administration +33 (0) 383 578 631 | Workshop +33 (0)383.31.64.01

By mail | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By letter | Les Compagnons des Walser | 41 Rue Charles Martel | F 54000 NANCY (France)

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Les Compagnons des Walser remercient leurs partenaires, Ciel des Jeunes, Fondation Baudoux et Fondation Legallais, pour leur support dans le financement des formations et la Ville de Nancy pour son soutien dans les stages à Kanazawa.

Les Compagnons des Walser

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