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The « Compagnons des Walser » team

Management of the « Compagnons des Walser » is provided by six people, three volunteers and three trainers. As usual in a association, there is no complicated hierarchy but a simple and efficient organization where everyone has a definite place. Operating costs are thus reduced to their very minimum.


Philippe FOSSEUX, 71


Retired, former manager of a technical textiles company.

Having served as President for more than 12 years, he now holds the position of Treasurer, he is in charge of budgets and forecasts, cash management, payments and annual financial report. He is also in charge of sponsoring and provides the design of the communication.

He is also President of "La Follia" Alsace Chamber Orchestra where he is also in charge of sponsoring, President of "Help and Sharing" association financing development projects and social inclusion through education and training in several poor countries (Haiti, Madagascar, Palestine, Honduras, Burkina Faso, Comoros, India, Nepal, etc ...) and is a member of the Realise board responding to governmental needs concerning child and adolescence protection issues through actions towards children at risk in their family and close follow-up of young offenders.

Yvette FOSSEUX, 71


Mother of four children and grandmother of 15 grandchildren.

She provides the function of Secretary, makes clear in the minutes of meetings, assists the president and treasurer for external contacts, phone calls and all details of daily life.

She is also a volunteer at ARS (Association for Social Rehabilitation) where she works and provides volunteer literacy courses in French for foreigners seeking asylum in France.


« Compagnons des Walser » intrusted "Philippe Walser Training" who became " Atelier d'Art Walser" in 2010, the care of the complete training of its members. This structure is exists for many years and the ancestral knowledge is passed on from father to son, and even from father to daughter as far as the latest generation is concerned.

Anne-Sophie WALSER-COHEN, 30

AnAnne-Sophiene-Sophie was initially formed as part of our association. After giving birth to her first child, she decided to continue the family saga and has therefore succeeded his father. She renamed the company " Walser Art Workshop ".

She is a great specialist in polychrome and restoration of sacred art, a member of the ARAAP (Association of Restorers of Art and Crafts Heritage) and sponsors a regional chess team. She is married and mother of three children.

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Remerciements / Thanks

Les Compagnons des Walser remercient leurs partenaires, Ciel des Jeunes, Fondation Baudoux et Fondation Legallais, pour leur support dans le financement des formations et la Ville de Nancy pour son soutien dans les stages à Kanazawa.

Les Compagnons des Walser

Association Loi 1901 - Déclaration n° 010492 publiée au J.O du 10 Février 1993 - Formateur déclaré sous le n° 41.54.01087.54 – Exonéré de TVA - SIRET 392 199 923 00047 - NAF 804 C

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